Healy O’Kane Open Race – Sunday 26th August 2012

Details of  The  Healy O’Kane Race this coming Sunday 26th August 2012 :

  • Full open race including VETS race.
  • Start and finish point now at  Wicklow Harbour — NOT up The Murrough as previously advised.
  • Gents’ race starting at 15:30 and Ladies’ race starting at 16:45
  • Note the first gent and lady VET swimmer home win the cups.  Great prizes also for regularly placed swimmers.
  • Presentation of prizes and refreshments immediately following the race in Phil Healy’s Pub, Fitzwilliam  Square.

The races will be run as normal with the exception that the Healy & O’Kane cups will be awarded to the first lady and gent vet swimmer home, not necessarily the first-placed swimmer.  Full prizes will be awarded to the regular places as standard procedure.