Bank of Scotland Swim 2008 – Fastest Time

Congratulations to Lynne Duffy who was the fastest swimmer in the Bank of Scotland with a time of 14.15 and to Trevor Woods who was fastest gent with a time of 15.43. Well done to all.

Fastest Time

Fastest Time 2008

Fastest TimeMay take a few minutes
AIB cupAIB Cup
Mark Byrne CupMark Byrne Cup
Ral BrienRal Brien
Smith CupSmith Cup
Bank of IrelandBank of Ireland
Sean Kelly CupSean Kelly Cup
Committee CupCommittee Cup
Vartry Garage Humby Family CupVartry Garage Humby Family Cup
Regatta - Across The Harbour CupRegatta Across the Harbour Cup
Rocky Newsome CupRocky Newsome Cup
Kavanagh CupKavanagh Cup
Wicklow Town Council CupWicklow Town Council Cup
Mike O'Reilly CupMike O'Reilly Cup
Blackcastle RaceBlackcastle Race
Brennan CupBrennan Cup
Club VartryClub Vartry
Around the Harbour RaceAround the Harbour Race
Phil Healy CupPhil Healy Cup
Tom Spilliane CupTom Spilliane Cup
McAuley ShieldMcAuley Shield
Aura TrophyAura Trophy
Bank of Scotland CupBank of Scotland Cup