Peter Nolan – An appreciation

Sport has a unique ability unmatched by any other force.  It has the power to inspire, to unite, to bring communities together and to build families. It can make us our best, even on our worst day.

Sports clubs are the embodiment of those singular traits, the living breathing means by which we come together and forge communities and it takesPeter_N_2_Crop.jpg People to oil the wheels of these great machines.  People like our dear friend Peter who passed away not so long ago.  He was the original ‘club man’ – always there to lend a hand dragging in buoys or manning the boats, helping organise events or – and this was very obviously his favourite pass time – cheering on his two girls, Lara and Jessica, while Sandra studiously recorded the finish. Indeed, under his own Club Hat No. 32 he gave many the winner’s speech and entertained his fellow members who, without exception, enjoyed his company immensely.

Many years ago he took on the mantle of Wicklow Swimming Club’s ‘Webmaster’ and hauled us into the modern age with our own window on the world, his creation, and we re-launch this great club resource here with him in mind.

His was an affable, can-do character, always smiling, always great company and always a good sport. His commitment to Wicklow Swimming Club was fervent and lasting.  We remember him here and dedicate our new website to his memory.

John McCall

Chairman, Wicklow Swimming Club