Bank of Ireland Cup 2015 Result

The Bank of Ireland cup had eighty four senior swimmers, racing for it. Choppy conditions made it a back markers race, and seen Gavin McInerney take first place, with Scott Morton in second and Simon McClean in third place. Gavin McInerney also had the fastest overall time while Aimee Armstrong was fastest for the ladies.

PLACE     Hat No.       NAME
1                173             McInerney, Gavin
2                 59               Morton, Scott
3                174             McClean, Simon
4                192             O’ Connor, Debbie
5                102            McGloin, Peter
6                103            Johnston, Vicky
7                175            Armstrong, Aimee
8                176            Armstrong, Ben
9                 53             Colohan, Colm
10              171           Beacom, Ross

Full results available at the link: Copy of Bank of Ireland cup 2015 result