Bank of Ireland Cup 2014

This past Sunday morning saw one hundred and ten senior swimmers race for the Bank of Ireland cup. Eabha Beary almost threw her lead away, by missing the last bouy., she had to swim back to turn it. However she held onto her lead to take first place , just ahead of John McCall in second and Oisin Nolan in third. Gavin McInreney was fastest swimmer home once again followed by Emer Kelly who was the fastest woman home.

1            98           Beary, Eabha
2            41           McCall, John
3           148          Nolan, Oisin
4           174          McClean, Simon
5            60           Cahill, Barry
6            64          Smith, Dave
7           183         Kelly, Brian
8            55          Dunne, Sean




Full race results are available at the link below:

Bank of Ireland Cup result 2014