Women’s Swimmer of the Year League Winners – (1986 to date)

A Swimmer of the Year league table has been recorded every year since its introduction in 1986.

Listed below are all the winners in this category since then.


Womens League
Presented By WSC1986
1986Joan Morton
1987Anne Hudson
1988Bronagh Byrne
1989Linda Conway
1990Bronagh Byrne
1991Anne Hudson
1992Catherine Byrne
1993Joan Morton
1994Catherine Byrne
1995Sibeal Byrne
1996Carmel O'Toole
1997Sinead Moran
1998Sarah Doyle
1999Carmel O'Toole
2000Deirdre Fitzgerald
2001Sarah Doyle/Joan Morton
2002Joan Morton
2003Jane O'Neill
2004Deirdre Fitzgerald
2005Maureen O'Connor
2006Karen (Bond) O'Brien
2007Karen (Bond) O'Brien
2008Caitronia O'Flaherty
2009Carmel O'Toole
2010Joan Morton
2011Linda O'Neill
2012Joan Morton
2013Karen (Bond) O'Brien
2014Linda O'Neill
2015Debbie O'Connor
2017Maebhe Connolly
2018Joint Winners
Karen O'Brien, Linda O'Neill & Margaret Mc Cormack
2019Karen O'Brien
2020No Season Due to COVID Pandemic
2021Mia Kristiansen
2022Claire Morton