Wicklow Swimming Club – Election of Captains for Senior and Juniors

Hi Everyone,

A quick note about the election of the Ladies’ and Gents’ Club Captains for this season.

Following the changes in the election procedures adopted at the AGM last year, the new captains for this season will serve a shorter term at committee for this season only and the positions will be up for re-election at the next AGM later this year. This is to bring the election of Captains in line with the other members of the committee.

We would very much like to elect the new captains this coming Sunday after the senior race. The incumbents (i.e. the current captains) are deemed to go forward for re-election again unless they advise otherwise but both positions are open to new candidates.

If you would like to go forward, please speak to John McCall on Sunday morning, or email him before (johnwsc@mccall.ie ).

The roles broadly encompass the representation of swimmers’ and members’ interests at committee level, organisation of the Junior Sprints & Challenges and the Family Fun Day. Intending candidates should be nominated and seconded by any member of the club.

We are also looking to establish the role of Junior Boys’ & Junior Girls’ Captains to represent the younger members of the club and to assist in the organisation of the Junior Sprints. We would like these people to be:

  • Keen to get involved and represent their swimming friends
  • Either Intermediate or Youth swimmer
  • Regular swimmers

This is an important part of aiding the development of youth swimming and we look forward to hearing from you. Again, intending candidates should be nominated and seconded by any member of the club so please contact John or email him if you would like to be considered.

John McCall

t: + 353 (0)1 6618745
m: + 353 (0)87 989 0181
e: john@mccall.ie