Upgraded website opens for business

The club website has been re-designed, re-vamped over the winter and now re-launched for you all to use. The PRO and the public relations team will continue provide up-to-date information and notices during the coming months, as well as photographs and race results as per previous years.

It is the same site, so all of the old information, race results and photographs should still be there, though you will also notice a few improvements:

  • The design of the site and the pages are intended to be more readily readable from tablets and mobile phones, as well as the traditional PCs and laptops.   We cannot guarantee it will work for all, but if you have considerable problems, let us know and we can try to find a solution.
  • You should note that all of the documents, race results will generally be produced using more modern versions of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word (2007 or later), so if you have problems accessing them see can you download first then open the document.   Again, if a big problem please let us know and we will see can we find a resolution based on feedback.
  • A calendar and event notification, which we will update with dates and details for races and social events during the year.  The next 5 events will display on right-hand side of the front page.
  • Also the 5 most recent postings to the club’s Facebook page will be shown as links so you can easily click from one to the other.    We will also trial automatically sending a link to the Facebook page when a notice, newsletter, or race result, etc. is posted to the website.
  • A History section where we will provide useful background information detailing the rich history of Wicklow Swimming Club.  We have included a roll of honour listing past-winners of our races and will add to this over time.   So if you have old photographs or information about past winners, please let us know
  • A series of contact forms so that you can quickly and easily send emails, information, or feedback to the following:
    • The Club Secretary & committee
    • The Website and PRO team – feedback and suggestions for the website and Facebook site

We will continue to make improvements over time, so please let us know if you experience any problems or haveany suggestions which might make it work more effectively.

As you can imagine the Summer is extremely busy from a publicity point of view, with around 8-10 swims per week, to be notified, results collated and produced, photographs and race reports filed.   So we will need some extra hands to help with this.   You do not have to be hugely computer literate, but please email the team and we will get back to you.   If we can keep it all up to date, it will work really well for everyone….SO DON’T BE AFRAID!!

You may not know but the website was originally set by past member Peter Nolan, who sadly passed away in 2014 after a long illness, and the hosting of the site has kindly been continued by Sandra and the Nolan family in his memory.   We will be forever grateful for their work and support and dedicate this upgrade to Peter and the Nolan family without whom this would not have been possible.

The website team…Bip O’Reilly, David Smith, Ray Moran