Swimwear in Wicklow Swimming Club Races

The Committee is concerned that increased numbers of swimmers appear to be competing in races
in illegal swim suits.    Article 2.3 of Wicklow Swimming Club’s Rule Book specifically prohibits the
use of any buoyancy enhancing materials during the race and precludes persons using such swim
aids or materials from receiving race points:

 “No competitor shall avail of breathing, buoyancy or propulsion aids. Swimmers may wear
wet suits but will be excluded from prizes and league points.”

We would like to remind swimmers once more of this regulation which was circulated as part of an
email memo earlier in the year (see below):

“The Committee would like to remind all swimmers that swimming togs worn in WSC races must
comply with FINA regulations. You can easily check the legality of your togs on the FINA website –  FINA approved list of swimwear.

All swimmers are requested to print off the result of their query from the FINA website.

Any swimmer(s) who wish to question the legality of another swimmer’s togs should consult with Niall Jameson (Male Swimmers) or Aoife Fitzpatrick (Female Swimmers).     Niall and Aoife may be required to request sight of the result of your FINA website

Wicklow Swimming Club fully recognises the practical difficulties posed in attempting to police and enforce these regulations.
In light of this, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play, we earnestly request, therefore, that swimmers should be self-regulating in their approach to swimwear and that the following guidelines be observed:

  •  No zippers or other fastening systems shall be permitted.
  •  No swimwear shall cover the neck, extend below the ankle nor extend past the shoulder.
  • Buoyancy enhancing and/or hydrophobic materials are expressly forbidden, no matter in how small quantities.
  • Panelling and/or contouring on swimwear shall not be permitted.
  • Swimmers must wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces: secondary swimsuits worn underneath are not permitted.
  • No additional apparel or swim aids, including but not limited to arm bands, fins, gloves or paddles, shall be permitted.

The above points are in addition to any existing rule and/or guideline already in effect and are subject to and governed by the existing provisions of the Club Constitution and Rule Book structures.

If a swimmer is in doubt as to the legality of their swimwear, they are invited to consult with any member of the Race Committee (comprising Chairman, Handicapper, Safety Officer and Safety Advisor) who may assist them. Complaints concerning swimwear of a fellow swimmer shall be dealt  with under the existing complaints procedure which is detailed in the Club Constitution.

 Use of Wetsuits in Junior Events

Further to previous correspondence on this topic, Wicklow Swimming Club reaffirms its preference
that all swimmers, including those in Junior Sprints and Challenges, should not wear wetsuits. We
strongly encourage all swimmers to compete in their togs, particularly when weather conditions and
water temperatures are favourable, as it acclimatises them for future races in Intermediate and
further ranks.

We trust the above is received in the manner of fair play and good sportsmanship in which it is
intended and look forward to a continued season or great swimming for all.

Yours in Swimming,
John McCall
Chairman, Wicklow Swimming Club

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