Humby Family Cup 2014

This past Sunday morning saw one hundred and four seniors swim 900 metres for the Humby family cup, Mick Humby from Vartry Garage was on hand to present the prizes to 1st Billy Forde, 2nd Denis O’Brien, 3rd Mick Byrne. For the 3rd week running Gavin McInerney took home the fastest time prize while Hana Blake was the fastest of the ladies.

1        80           Forde, Billy
2       165          Humby, Paula
3        3             O’ Brien, Dennis
4       150          Byrne, Michael
5        108         O’ Sullivan , Conal
6        11            Brennan, Major
7        99           O’ Neill, Katie
8       200          Molloy, Cian

Full race results available at the link below:


Humby Family Cup 2014(2)