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Race Results 2007

Below are the Race Results for 2007

Intermmediate Race Results 2007

Watson CupShaun HumbyMike ByrneHugh Humby
Malone CupEmily HumbyEvan O'MaraHarry McHugh
Kenny CupKatie CareyJessica NolanEmer Corcoran
Cox CupVicky RiceAaron FitzpatrickHugh Humby
P Davis CupEmer CorcoranLara NolanJessica Nolan
Cleary CupSorcha HowleyHarry McHughKatie Carey
Dunne CupRory O'CarrollNeasa HowleyLara Nolan
Earls CupRoss O'TooleAaron FitzpatrickDavid Nicholson
Mini HarbourEmily HumbyShaun HumbyMike Byrne
Chairman's CupSally McHughJessica NolanEmer Corcoran
Coello CupKatie CareyEvan O'MaraJill Humby
DelahuntMike ByrneEvan O'MaraRoss O'Toole
Captains CupDavid NicholsonMark CullenJill Humby