75th Anniversary logo of Wicklow Swimming Club

2016 Season

A big welcome back to all our members for our 75th year in operation and what a season we have in store.

Don’t forgot trials take place Saturday the 4th of June at 11:30am sharp.

We then kick off our season on Sunday the 5th June at 10:15 with our Junior Sprints, followed at 10:30 with the Junior Challenge, we then have the Cox Cup for our Intermediates at 11, Youths race at 11:30 followed by the Mark Byrne Cup which will kick off our Senior Swimmers season.

Look forward to seeing you all down the beach on Sunday morning for another fantastic season.

Swimming at 75

In 1941 Wicklow Town was a quite, sleepy place.  Tiny by comparison to what it is today, much of what we recognise around the town had not even been built.  Indeed, even the train only made it as far as the Murrough!

Even then though, one thing was clear: Wicklow Town boasted one of the finest natural amenities along the entire East Coast.  Crisp, clear waters and a wonderful vantage points for spectators courtesy of the Victorian Promenade which made an ideal location for people to gather and enjoy the wonder of sea swimming in a safe, accessible environment.

And so, in 1941 when a Mr D O’Connell came to Wicklow to work in a bank, and having a love of the sea, he started to teach swimming and diving. It became fashionable to be at the pier for 7pm each evening.  He could not have realised what he had set in train: a fledgling club which would last for generations by fostering and nurturing a sense of family and community, bring health and happiness to its members through the promotion of swimming and water safety and grow to become Ireland’s largest and most successful sea swimming club. He would indeed be proud of all we have achieved.

The success of Wicklow Swimming Club lies in it’s members: in the volunteer efforts of all those who help keep in its running, those who swim, and those who come to watch.  As we embark on our 75th year, we start our birthday celebrations in the hope you join us for what will be a memorable and enjoyable season for us all, swimmers and spectators alike.

Happy Birthday Wicklow Swimming Club.

Newsletter May 2016