2009 Race Results

Each file contains 2 spreadsheets :  Spreadsheet for Race Order & one for Fastest Times

Race Results 2009

Race ResultsMay take a few minutes
Mark Byrne CupMark Byrne Cup
Ral Brien CupRal Brien Cup
Sean Kelly CupSean Kelly Cup
Bank of Ireland CupBank of Ireland Cup
Around the Harbour RaceAround the Harbour Race
Humby Family (Vartry Garage) CupHumby Family (Vartry Garage) Cup 09
Regatta (Leitrim Lounge) Across The HarbourRegatta (Leitrim Lounge) Across the Harbour
Rocky Newsome Cup O9Rocky Newsome Cup 09
John Flood Bay Reland CupJohn Flood Bay Relay Cup
Kavanagh Family CupKavanagh Family Cup
Black Castle CupBlack Castle Race
Smith CupSmith Cup
Club VartryClub Vartry 09
Brennan CupBrennan Cup 09
Wicklow Town Council CupWicklow Town Council 09
Phil Healy CupPhil Healy Cup 09
Aura TrophyAura Trophy 09
Mike O'Reilly Cup 09Mike O'Reilly Cup 09
Tom Spilliane Cup 09Tom Spilliane Cup 09
Committee Cup 09Committee Cup 09
Bank of Scotland Cup 09Bank of Scotland 09
McAuley Shield 09McAuley Shield 09
Senior Leagues 2009Senior League Tables 2009

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